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Driving B2B Opportunities: What is Social Selling?

LinkedIn is more than a resume. It's the place to build people to people connections, which ultimately drives B2B opportunities.

LinkedIn has defined "social selling" as the following:

"Social selling is about leveraging your social network to find the right prospects, build trusted relationships, and ultimately, achieve your sales goals. This sales technique enables better sales lead generation and sales prospecting process and eliminates the need for cold calling. Building and maintaining relationships is easier within the network that you and your customer trust. " 

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Typically, people need to have 8-12 touches with your brand to build trust with you. Here are top 4 Tips to Level Up Your Social Selling.

TIP #1: Develop a Brand

Building trust is an imperative to building relationship with B2B buyers. Your brand with some thought leadership content can go a long way to building the needed bridges to connect with your ideal client niche. More leads will develop and your network will look for your services. When there is an ask to connect from you, then people will say yes.

TIP #2: Reach Out Intentionally to Your Ideal Client Niche

Once you have optimized your brand and figured out what channels you want to engage...ahem ahem...LinkedIn, then directly say hello to your target list. With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, reaching your target niche is so much easier.

You can vet out these factors with the powerful tools within the LinkedIn ecosystem: 1. role, 2. function, 3. industry, 4. company size, 5. location, etc...

When you think about LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook driving the majority of all B2B transactions on social's pretty amazing to know that LinkedIn is over half of that social media traffic. LINKEDIN DOMINATES!

TIP #3: Curate Your Network Engagement

Think about how you can establish character, chemistry, competency and credibility in your field.

Character: Do your ideal clients trust you?

Chemistry: Do your ideal clients like you?

Competency: Do you ideal clients know that you know your stuff?

Credibility: Do you have experience and knowledge in their world to bring unique solutions to their context?

Your brand needs to answer these questions when you blast out content into the world.

Position yourself as a thought leader expert within your field by being consistent in posting and writing articles within the ecosystem of LinkedIn.

Thoughtful content that you feed into your network will give you a place of authority for you to speak into their life in the future.

TIP #4: Build Trust Through Relationships

Influence is built through relationships and not through transaction. Discover the needs and wants of the person you are engaging versus selling them on a product or services. If you choose to be interested, then you will earn a place to speak into their life and business. Just serve them versus you just trying do a song, dance, and magic show to interest them in your products or services. Choose to learn and be interested in them versus being interesting. See how you can refer a service, a connection, or be the solution to their big "win" for this year.

Measuring Social Selling Success 

LinkedIn uses the Social Selling Index (SSI) using these 4 metrics above to create an SSI score. As result, the following will occur with an awesome score, LinkedIn share these wonderful stats below:

Click here to look at your SSI score from LinkedIn.

Grow your SSI!